Repetition Tempo

Repetition Tempo
Photo by Luke Chesser / Unsplash

One often overlooked training variable is repetition tempo. Repetition tempo can be defined as the total time of concentric, isometric, and eccentric muscle actions during a single dynamic repetition. For example, repetition tempo can be expressed in a four-digit manner, in which a tempo of 1–0–3-0 would indicate a repetition taking 1s, 0s, 3s, and 0s on the concentric, isometric, eccentric, and isometric phases, respectively. But what tempo should you use for your strength and hypertrophy goals? - Jeremy Pearson gives us some insight!

About the expert:

Jeremy Pearson is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Health, Sport, & Exercise Sciences at the University of Kansas. He is currently a trainee in the Gallagher Applied Physiology Lab and Rosa-Molinar Microscopy & Analytical Imaging Research Resource Core Laboratory.

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